ANNOUNCEMENT (DATED : 22/09/2011) :

Dear Leaders :)

As this challenge has clashed with too many exams at the moment, there are overwhelming requests of attending only the first round but not the second round. (most participants do not have the time to prepare for the second round). 

However, after intense discussions, the whole organising team agreed that simply canceling the second round disobeys the spirit of Taylor's LEADERS' CLUB and the aims for this challenge, which are developing participants' leadership potentials and searching the most all-rounded team. 

As a result, we decided to MERGE Taylor's Leadership Challenge 2011 with Taylor's Leadership Challenge 2012, which will be held on 11/02/12 most probably. For guest performers, audiences and those who had already registered for this event, we sincerely apologize for the disappointments and any inconvenience. We hope you can start to prepare for Taylor's Leadership Challenge 2012 now and let's hope it to be a great success by then. The organising team will update all of you once every detail has been confirmed. Thank you very much.

President of TLC.



                        So, you think you have what it takes to become a great leader ?
                               Come join us and we'll show you how real leaders are ! 
         Have fun, Be adventurous and the learn the true meaning of becoming a  
                           leader - while donating to charity along the way !

Among the prizes to be won :

~ Travelling Packages !
~ Certificates